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Brushed, mirrored and polished Stainless Steel Delux Planter. All our stainless steel manufacture is to-order and to your specification, and we do not hold in stock a standard range of shapes and sizes.

Given the inherent durability and corrosion-resistance of the material, most stainless steel planters and plant pots are left 'raw' [i.e. without an externally-applied finishing coat]. However, where the brief requires, stainless steel planters can be finished with a clear lacquer or coloured powder coat.

In the raw state, four standard stainless steel options are available, based on two materials and two finishes.


1. Materials:

304 grade stainless steel is suitable for most environments, and it is the most commonly specified option. It is also a significantly cheaper option than 316 grade, but will require more regular cleaning to avoid surface staining [aka ‘tea staining’].

316 grade [or ‘marine-grade’] stainless steel is more expensive, and has a different composition of alloys, which gives much higher corrosion resistance in coastal environments and/or high-end quality applications.

2. Surface Finishes:

Brushed stainless steel has a muted sheen with a visible grain, and is the most commonly specified option. It is recommended for any environment, including public spaces.

Mirror polished stainless steel has a reflective surface almost as sharp as a glass mirror; but it is a less forgiving surface than brushed (as minor scratches and dents can be visible), and is consequently only recommended for residential or light commercial use.


In addition to the above standard options, a wide range of specialist stainless steel colours, patterns and finishes are available. For example:

From the extensive range of specialist steels from RIMEX Metals Group, IOTA can manufacture planters with a range of patterned, etched or coloured/grained finishes. 

Stainless steel may also be combined with other specialist decorative metals, such as the TECU range of copper alloys from KME.

IOTA custom-manufactures stainless steel plant pots and planters in any shape or size, from simple geometric shapes to complex architectural designs. CAD models can also be generated for approval against a design brief.

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